Alex Maestas - Resume

Seeking people with established codebases in need of maintenance.

Work Experience

Site Reliability Engineer, Core Infrastructure Services And Systems • Twitter, March 2016 - Present

Seattle, Washington

  • Served as the Seattle representative for a team mainly based out of the San Francisco office
  • Collaboratively maintained a large-scale fleet, including Twitter’s core LDAP, DNS, Kerberos, and egress proxy infrastructure
  • Refactored a hardware allocation service, increasing code maintainability and reliability
  • Handled on-call duties, working with a distributed team to handle production incidents
  • Consciously focused on reducing technical debt and code duplication
  • Migrated a large Kerberos installation to use incremental propagation, reducing database replication time
  • Recorded notes for training sessions and staff meetings onto a Confluence wiki
  • Held Trans 101 training sessions
  • Spoke out internally on the subject of online abuse

Software Engineer • Flowroute, August 2014 - January 2016

Seattle, Washington

  • Worked on an Agile Scrum team to holistically design, test and deploy reliable software
  • Maintained Django-based web application for managing customer records and routing details
  • Configured Kamailio as a SIP proxy to handle customer registrations, route calls, and ensure protocol compliance
  • Used Ansible configuration automation to deploy and coördinate services both locally and in Amazon Web Services
  • Implemented RESTful API microservices with Python and Twisted
  • Integrated third-party Jasmin SMS router with microservice infrastructure

Software Engineer • F5 Networks, September 2011 - March 2014

Seattle, Washington

  • Diagnosed race conditions and other bugs in high-concurrency event driven networking code
  • Provided root-cause analysis for system crash dumps and protocol misbehavior
  • Maintained the iRules Tcl interface to F5’s Traffic Management Microkernel
  • Provided engineering hotfixes for critical customer issues, frequently on an aggressive timetable
  • Refactored complex subsystems for increased maintainability and correctness

Network Support Engineer • F5 Networks, June 2010 - September 2011

Seattle, Washington

  • Supported versions 9, 10, and 11 of F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and Application Security Module
  • Diagnosed IP-level traffic-flow problems between load balancers and backend servers
  • Tested and validated iRules event-based scripts for controlling application traffic
  • Assisted customers by diagnosing invalid protocol implementation
  • Handled support escalations, ranging from feature requests to site-down issues
  • Used both standard and F5-designed Unix commands to configure and maintain lab devices for issue reproduction

System Programmer • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Computer Center, August 2004 - August 2006, July 2007 - May 2010

Socorro, New Mexico

  • Supported userbase of 4000 students, faculty, and alumni
  • Extended existing user database to support Kerberos authentication for login, email, printing, and file service
  • Tuned OpenLDAP service used for user authentication and directory service in order to better handle system load
  • Maintained Perl LDAP user-account editor, including a complete rewrite using improved design practices
  • Implemented Kerberos-authenticated user-account editor in Ruby
  • Configured and maintained Red Hat Enterprise and Debian Linux servers and Fedora Linux clients
  • Contributed Ruby bindings to the remctl open-source project

Technical Support and System Administration • Computer Network Service Professionals, August 2001 - August 2004

Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Supported local internet service provider over the phone and in-person
  • Migrated SMTP, DNS, and RADIUS infrastructure from legacy Windows NT system to Debian Linux
  • Configured monitors and alerts for provided services
  • Managed and provisioned Cisco routers, Ascend MAX modem banks, T1 and PRI CSU/DSUs, Frame Relay, and ISDN devices

Hobbies & Interests

Amateur Radio operator

Licensed as K2PIR. Familiar with Icom and Yaesu equipment. Built a KK7B Binaural direct-conversion receiver from schematic.

Noise music / Glitch art

As Pi Irrational, I produce music best described as “based around 60-hertz amplifier buzz and non-musical 200-hz tuning intervals”.